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Chess is an ancient game that has been played for centuries in countries all over the globe. Its quiet combination of strategy and fun have made it one of the most beloved games of all time. It's no surprise that chess moved out of the ancient world and has survived into modern times.

From folks who play chess casually to professional tournament players, the game is one that fascinates a wide variety of people. It's also accessible to nearly everyone, as chess sets range from small and inexpensive plastic sets to intricate works of art made of exotic woods and metals.

Chess Directory was created by a group of people with a passion for all things chess. We're fascinated with its amazing history and how the game has evolved over the centuries. We study the psychology behind playing a truly great game of chess, analyzing and learning about all of the greatest players. We review a huge variety of chess sets, from low-cost, portable ones that are great for the average player on the go to hand-carved masterpieces that are meant to be admired as much as used for play.

We do all of this in order to share it with you. As true fans of the game, we wish to share our love of chess with the world. The game has so many benefits: it helps with development of problem-solving and planning skills. Playing chess strengthens reading skills and the ability to concentrate for longer periods of time. It can also help ward off dementia and Alzheimer's disease. Chess is inherently a social game, encouraging interaction with others. It allows players to meet new people and make friends. Because of this, it's also great to hone players' communication skills.

With all of these benefits, our passion for chess is one that we're proud to share. We hope that our enthusiasm for the game will help encourage others to take up playing. Even if you've never picked up a chess piece in your life, it's never too late! Chess isn't difficult to learn. Once you know how to play, it's like riding a bike - you never forget!

So come with us on our journey through the world of chess. We'll teach you new strategies to add to your gaming repertoire. You'll learn psychology tricks to put you on par with even the most tricky opponent. Speaking of tricky opponents, we'll introduce you to some of the world's top chess players and talk about how they achieved success. We'll discuss different variations on the traditional chess game. We'll also look at some of the most breathtakingly beautiful chess sets, pieces, and boards on the planet. If you're ever in the market for a chess set, whether it's a traditional set, a themed one (Lord of the Rings, anyone?), a small one that can travel with you, or a large chess table, check out our reviews to help guide you to the right one. If it's related to chess, you'll find it on Chess Directory.

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