The American Civil War Chess Set

Why This Civil War Chess Set is Our Favorite Among Historical Chess Sets.
Including Reviews of the Best Civil War Chess Sets of 2020!

Chess is a game of mind-sharpening strategy. Players have to think many steps ahead of their opponents and use tactics to outwit them and defeat the opposing king. A game of chess closely resembles laying out a military strategy. Will you charge straight into the enemy's army, or will you seek to lure and flank them in an unexpected maneuver? Because of of this, historical military chess sets can add an element of realism and fun to your game.

Whether you're playing with a Civil War chess set, a Revolutionary War chess set, or one that represents battles that go back into ancient times, historical chess sets are a beautiful and exciting addition to your home. Why play with a regular old chess set, choosing the white side or the black, when you can play as the Union or the Confederate army in the War Between the States? Or why not take your chess game up several notches by playing as the American colonial army using a Revolutionary War chess set?

Great for Players and Non-Players Alike

Historical chess sets are simply wonderful. They're much more than a basic chess set that you will set up for play and put away once you're finished. These sets are truly works of art that you will want to leave out to decorate your home. They make great gifts for any history buff and they're sure to spark plenty of conversation and comments from visitors. Even if you're not a big chess player, these sets are a stunningly beautiful and unique addition to your office or living room.

If you are a chess player, you're going to love taking part in actual historical battles. The stakes have never been higher when you play as a Union contingent working to staunch the rebellion in the Civil War. Chess players who enjoy playing as a faceless pawn or nondescript knight will truly become involved in the game when they take on the role of soldiers and generals from actual battles. Send your horse-mounted knight to scout across enemy lines. Have your pawn sneak in and fire a warning shot into the fray. Charge in with your stately rook to announce that the war has truly begun.

Historical Chess Set Pieces Aren't Generic

The best part about historical chess sets is that each piece is carefully painted to resemble individual figures, making it even more dramatic as the battle plays out. You're no longer losing a generic pawn; you've just lost a budding young soldier. When your queen makes her move, she's the regal general's wife, proudly waving her flag. Make the opposing general lay down his arms by surrounding and checking him. Even when you're not playing, historical chess sets are beautiful to look at. Arranged on their elegant chess boards, they sit silently and suggest past battles... and battles yet to be waged. Civil War chess set pieces, for instance, are individual works of art.

Polyresin: Durable, Beautiful, and Affordable

One of the worries when purchasing something such as a beautiful Civil War or Revolutionary War chess set is that the pieces might become chipped or damaged. Perhaps it should be put away where it will be kept safe? Maybe it's best to put it out and not use it-what if a piece is dropped or banged against the table accidentally? What if the cat jumps up and bats one of the pieces around like a toy?

Manufacturers of many historical chess sets have already thought this through and make many of their sets out of a polyresin material. What does this do, exactly? Polyresin gives you the elegant beauty of a stone chess set with none of the worries. The pieces have a delightful heavy feel in the hand, making them a wonder to play with. They're more affordable than some of their stone counterparts. But most of all-polyresin makes these pieces practically unbreakable.

Polyresin is easily moldable when it's hot, but once it dries, it's more durable than either wood or stone. It has a light sheen that's beautiful to see. This means that polyresin chess pieces are incredibly attractive, but can stand up to the abuse of constantly being used for play. A polyresin chess set is one that you'll use for years and even pass down to the next generation. So don't purchase one of these sets and put it safely up on the shelf-they're made to be admired, but they're also made to be used!

With so many historical chess sets on the market, it can be overwhelming to know which one to choose. Here's a review of one of our absolute favorite Civil War chess sets that we think anyone will find an attractive addition to their home.

Our Favorite Civil War Chess Set:

If you want to buy a Civil War chess set, you shouldn't pass up this gorgeous set that's manufactured by Studio Anne Carlton. The war between Union General Ulysses S. Grant and Confederate General Robert E. Lee is brought into modern times with this unique and breathtakingly beautiful chess set. All of the pieces are rendered as individual personalities in the War Between the States. Soldiers, capital buildings, generals, and scouts battle for position on the chess board.

The Craftmanship of the Pieces

The 32 pieces in this set are made of crushed stone and polyresin, which, as we discussed above, makes the pieces have the wonderful, heavy feel of stone while keeping them durable and virtually unbreakable. You can use this set without any worry about damaging it.

Each piece is lovingly hand-painted, making every piece of this set lovely and unique from the rest. The detail of the polyresin casting and hand-painting is simply amazing. You can see the wrinkles furrowing the tired forehead of General Grant. Note the detail of the ruffles and lace on the ladies' dresses. The young pawn/soldiers crouch, their expressions fixed on the horizon. Are they looking for the enemy or thinking of the loved ones they've left back at home? The realism of these pieces truly brings the battle to life. The yellowed, aged color of many areas of each piece gives this set the feeling of being very old. Each of these Civil War chess set pieces is set on a regal, metallic-painted base that is decorated with symbols that represent the side for which they fought... and will fight again.

The king is 5 inches high and 1.5 inches in diameter. Their design is so that they won't fit in just any coffer. With this set, buyers can choose their own chess board and box that will be perfect for storing it when not in use.

Choosing a Board

Choose between a beautiful standard board or a superior board made of an exotic wood. The standard boards are luxurious and high-quality, available in basic Blackwood and Maple or a combination of Maple and Greenwood. With the Blackwood and Maple boards, purchasers can choose between a gorgeous gloss finish or an elegant satin finish. Both of these boards feature rich Blackwood contrasted with white Maple squares. The Maple and Greenwood board features the white Maple squares and border combined with beautiful Greenwood that gives the dark squares a green, marbled look.

The superior board offers the choice of breathtaking exotic woods. Choose beautiful Elm Burl (giving the dark squares and border a marbled, autumn-orange color) and Bird's Eye Maple. For a more traditional woodgrain look for the border and dark squares, Striped Ebony is the perfect choice. This board features a creamy-colored maple for the light squares. Finally, you can choose a superior board in Rosewood and Maple, resulting in cream-colored light squares and lighter, reddish-brown grain for the border and dark squares. All boards have squares of 2.5 inches and feature a billiard cloth backing.

Choosing a Box

Finally, you'll need an appropriate box for storage and transportation of your beautiful Civil War chess set pieces and board. The standard box is made of wood and lined with green felt. It features two storage compartments that are large enough to safely and securely store your hand-painted pieces and gorgeous wooden board. For extra security, your box comes with a lock and key. For an even more beautiful box, choose the upgraded one made of rich Red Burl wood.

In Closing

No matter which board or box you choose, this Civil War chess set is one that is sure to bring you happiness for many years to come. Whether you're deep in the middle of a long battle or simply have the board set up so that everyone can admire it, you're sure to appreciate the craftsmanship that went into making each and every part of this set-from the board and the box to each and every piece. Whether you're an avid chess player or a history buff, you simply can't go wrong with this breathtaking set. More Details: The American Civil War Chess Set at

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