Buying Giant Outdoor Chess Sets in 2020 - A Detailed Guide

The game of chess is played all across the globe with the same rules. The only difference is the medium of play or the type of chess set being used and the level of seriousness or competitiveness being shown by the players. Some play it for fun - a casual game between friends or family, while others take it more seriously - competitive tournaments in schools, chess clubs or official worldwide events.

Some like the physical touch of the chess pieces, the 'feeling' of holding a pawn in one's hand to make their next big move whereas others are more fascinated by the 'thinking' part of the game and like to play online with a mouse and keyboard while keeping their enjoyment factor up. For more casual players or those looking for a fun activity for the children or guests, there is a kind of chess set that fits the need perfectly; a giant outdoor chess set.

What are giant outdoor chess sets?

Outdoor chess sets are generally giant sized chess sets that can fill a garden, courtyard or outside space nicely. These chess sets come in many sizes with some having chess pieces as big as an average sized human being. More commonly, outdoor chess sets are at least double the size of a normal table top chess set. So, where a normal chess set has a kind sized 3 3/4 inch, you can expect the king to be sized at least 7 or 8 inches for the chess set to be considered giant or large with seemingly no well-defined upper limit.

Giant outdoor pieces and chess boards are built with materials that can stand the test of time and endure harsh weather such as rain, snow, sunlight, moisture etc. since they are placed outside in the garden or a yard and can be hard to move on a short notice.

Therefore, the chess pieces are usually made from polyurethane plastic which is tough, durable and safe for use for all ages. The chess pieces for giant chess sets are usually made in the classic Staunton style for easier recognition. The contrast between pieces is also maintained with light and dark combination for maximum visibility.

Similarly, instead of wooden chess boards which are not very practical in such a large size, a mat-style chess board made from nylon is used which makes it easy to move around and store. Nylon also spreads out easily and makes for a great flat surface to enjoy a smooth game of chess when placed on light grass or a hard, even surface.

The Best Giant Outdoor Chess Sets Of 2020 - Our Reviews And Recommendations:

Buying a large outdoor chess set that lasts a long time and is practical at the same time can cost a lot of money and making up your mind about which one to buy can get sometimes get a little overwhelming. We understand that and therefore, have come up with the three best choices of giant outdoor chess sets for you to choose from.

Here is a review of each of these chess sets from our experts:

#1 25 Inch Giant Chess Set & Mat Combo by ChessHouse:

When it comes to a perfect mix of affordability, aesthetics, and practicality, this 25" chess set and mat combo take the cake. When you place this in your yard or garden, you can be sure to get awe-inspiring looks from everyone including your neighbors and guests. Even for use in schools or club as well, this 25" chess set combo will draw much-deserved attention. Similarly, this perfectly sized outdoor chess set will be the center of attention in any event or gathering such as a birthday party, wedding party, and graduation party etc.

Chess pieces

The tall plastic chess pieces of this giant outdoor chess set are built with the most durable, all-weather material you can find. The high-quality plastic molding of these chess pieces means the pieces will stay strong no matter how harsh the weather.

Even though the 25" chess pieces are considerably tall, they are still light enough to move around easily while at the same time stable enough to resist strong winds. Small knob-style tops make it very easy to move the pieces. Extra weight can be added to the pieces by removing the base of each piece and adding water or sand.

Chess board

The chess board is a 9-foot square chess mat made with thin yet strong nylon which makes it easy to roll up and allows maximum portability. It is easy to handle, so much so that you can lay it out in less than 17 seconds start making your moves. Just slide it out of the lightweight drawstring case and lay it out on a flat surface or thin grass to get started. The 4 large grommets, one on each corner make it very easy to hold it in one place securely. The black and white contrasted 13.5-inch squares provide great visibility and breathing space for the giant chess pieces.

Other features

This giant outdoor chess set comes with a unique 3-year part replacement plan add-on which makes it very easy to replace stolen, lost or damaged chess pieces. If you are buying for use in a public or commercial setting, buying the add-on is well worth the added bit of security. Replacement pieces are available even if you don't opt for this add-on.

The chess pieces are made in standard, proportional Staunton style and provide a feeling of familiarity. Shipping is fast, reliable and affordable throughout the US and international shipping is available as well. More Details: 25 Inch Giant Chess Set & Mat Combo at

#2: 16 Inch Giant Outdoor Chess Set by ChessHouse:

Some folks prefer a hands-on approach when it comes to setting up their garden with a giant chess set. They like to build their own chess boards and just buy the chess pieces to complete the set. These 16" giant chess pieces from ChessHouse are perfect for this purpose.

Chess Pieces

The chess pieces are made with durable, all-weather plastic that will stand the test of time. The king stands at 16" tall with a 6 1/8" base, the queen is 14" with 5 7/8" base and incrementally downsized rest of the chess pieces. The affordable price and excellent finish quality of the chess pieces make it a great option for your garden or yard house parties, schools or clubs.

Chess board

Chess board comes as an optional add-on made in quick-fold mat style and sized as a 5 ½ foot square. The chessboard has 9" squares to allow sufficient room for all chess pieces. It comes with a drawstring bag to easily roll-up and store the mat. The weight of the board is only 1 lb which makes it very portable and easy to handle.

Other Features

The complete chess set is 24lb and comes in a single box with dimensions of 22"x19"x18". Super easy to set up and transport, this affordable, mid-sized outdoor chess set will keep the entertainment going for hours! More Details: 16 Inch Giant Outdoor Chess Set at

#3: 12 Inch Large Outdoor Chess Set by ChessHouse:

This outdoor chess set from ChessHouse is a great option for those looking for an entry level chess set at low a budget. Sized at 1 foot tall with a 12" king, this outdoor chess is not exactly 'giant' but still large enough to provide a fun experience. The comparatively smaller pieces are easy to handle by all ages. Whether you want to use it in your home as a yard game or want to place it in a school playground, this chess set is sure to provide a thrilling chess experience everywhere.

Chess pieces

The pieces are made with all-weather plastic which means they will stand the test of time without breaking down under harsh weather. The king is sized at 12" height and 4" base while the pawns are sized at 8" with a base of 3 ¾". The pieces are strong and bulky enough to provide seamless movement even in windy conditions.

Chess board

The playing surface is a sewn, nylon mat sized at 57" x 57" with each square sized at 6 ¾". Nylon mat lays nicely on any flat surface and even light grass to provide a smooth playing experience.

Other features

Lost or damaged chess pieces can be easily ordered via phone and shipping through UPS is fast and reliable. Overall, this low budget option from Chesshouse is not one to miss at this price point. More Details: 12 Inch Large Outdoor Chess Set at

Outdoor Chess Sets - Uses and Benefits

Large outdoor chess sets appeal to a number of age groups and tastes as they have something to offer for almost everyone. Even if you are not a big of fan of chess, these giant chess sets can automatically draw attention when placed in the yard or garden.

Let's take a look at some of the major benefits and uses of buying and using giant outdoor chess sets:

At Home

Need a fun activity for the kids or family and friends and have some empty space in your garden or yard? Large outdoor giant chess sets will add a nice touch and provide everyone with a good time when moving those large pieces from square to square. The best part is, the big pieces require some effort to move around so you will get some physical exercise along with mental exercise.

At School or College

Large outdoor chess sets can add a great fun filled activity for kids at school or college. The life-sized chess pieces provide a certain excitement for everyone if they don't have prior experience or interest in chess. That is why giant chess sets can be a great option to attract kids towards the game and push them to start learning and playing in a competitive school or college setting.

Not only this but picking up and moving around those large chess pieces together with your school buddies can be great fun even if it is just a casual game. Moreover, outdoor chess sets are made with materials that are safe to be handled by kids which make them a perfect option for a school or college playground.

At Commercial Settings

Large outdoor chess sets can be a great option to have in commercial settings such as holiday retreats, hotels, cafes, home stays, retirement homes, wineries, cruise ships, parks, sand beaches and so on; the possibilities are virtually endless. A chess set in these settings provides a casual place to hang out and with your own entourage or to socialize and get to know other people while playing a casual or serious game of chess. There are sizes, budgets, and materials available for all needs so if you are looking for a large outdoor chess set for yourself or a client, you are good to go.

For Special Events

Do you ever run out of ideas when planning a special event such as a birthday, graduation party, wedding reception etc.? If the answer is yes, a giant outdoor chess set might be your way out. While all of these events can certainly be full of the regular activities, adding a fun element by having a giant chess set to keep the guests occupied can be a great option. So while you are tending to the preparations of your event and handling those small chores, a large outdoor chess set in your garden or yard will keep the guests busy.

Perfect Gift

Coming up with gift ideas every Christmas or birthday for your loved ones can tough. Why not go for a large giant chess this time and surprise your friend or family member with something different. While a giant outdoor chess set will make any chess enthusiast happy, it can also be a great way to introduce your children to the game. Your children will certainly love playing with the giant chess pieces and who knows, it might intrigue them to learn the rules and even turn professional at some point.


Since giant outdoor chess sets are placed out in the open and are usually accessible to lots of people and thus prone to wear and tear, they are generally made from durable, all-weather materials. This usually results in a higher price tag but you can be sure that your investment in the chess set will last a long, long time.

Types of Outdoor Chess Sets and buying guide

Outdoor chess sets come in many sizes, materials and budgets. In order to make the right decision, you need to understand your needs and get an idea of all the options that are available in the market.

Let's take a look at the type of large outdoor chess sets and some of the essential things to consider before buying one for yourself:


The first and arguably the most important factor that will impact your decision of buying a large outdoor chess set is the purpose you want out of it.

Is it for home use in your garden or yard for the kids or guests? Do you want something for your school or college playground? Is the chess set going to be placed in a public place such a hospital, museum, prison, hotel, public park etc.? Will it be used for casual game or serious, professional tournaments? All of these questions need to be answered before going ahead with your purchase.


Then comes the budget. You may well want a chess set with a 48-inch king but if your budget is limited, that may not be the best option. Instead, opt for an outdoor chess set that is within your budget and fulfills your needs even if the size is not that big. A smaller chess set built with quality materials can still be enjoyable so why take an unnecessary dent in your wallet?

Size and Storage Space

When looking for a giant outdoor chess set, take into account the size of the available space in your garden or yard or wherever you want to place the set. You will also need a storage space to safely keep all the chess pieces and chess board when it is not in use. So, measure the space accurately and only then select your chess pieces and chess boards along with an appropriate storage container.

Final word

Chess is not just a game but an experience and to make this experience worthwhile, the chess set you select should be one that makes things fun and exciting even for those with little interest in the game. Now that you are equipped with the necessary knowledge of the benefits, types and our reviews and recommendations of the best outdoor chess sets in 2020, we hope that you will find something that fits your needs perfectly!

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