Glass Chess Sets

Our Guide to Choosing and Buying the Best Glass Chess Sets.
Including Reviews of the Best and Most Recommended Glass Chess Sets of 2020!

Chess sets come in many different shapes, sizes, colors, themes, and materials and each of them have their own merits and demerits. However, when it comes to choosing for style, elegance and a sense of luxury, almost nothing comes to close to glass chess sets.

The growing popularity of glass chess sets in recent years is proof that more and more people are looking to buy a chess set that not only serves the purpose of playing the game but also impresses their guests, as the chess set sits on a coffee table or a centerpiece in their drawing room.

With this in mind, we have decided to cover everything there is to cover about glass chess sets including the benefits, the variety available in the market, tips on how to choose a set that suits your needs and our personal recommendations on the best glass chess sets you can buy in 2016.
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The Many Benefits of a Glass Chess Set

Glass chess sets offer tons of benefits that their metal or marble counterparts don't or simply can't. Here are just a few of them.

A unique sense of style

Most people - especially those with little to no prior experience of buying or owning chess sets - when they think of buying a chess set, have a mindset that a chess set is some 'vintage' item that is only available in traditional dark shades of colors and heavy materials such as wood and metal.

This is not the case with all chess sets, especially glass chess sets.

With glass chess sets, you get a level of exquisiteness that is simply unmatched in any other type of chess set. The beauty of these sets is unique in its nature with elegantly etched glass pieces and boards that display the characteristic sparkle of glass. This means that you can enjoy the classic game of chess with a unique sense of style and impress others while so.

Decoration as a display case

Even if you are not an avid chess player, the sheer beauty of these glass chess sets is simply too much to not make them a part of your home decoration. An elegantly made glass chess set can increase the beauty of your room simply by sitting there on the mantle or a coffee table. You are sure to get compliments and comments from guests whenever they visit your home of office since the shiny pieces and stunning boards are almost impossible to ignore.

Perfect for gifts

Glass chess sets make for perfect gift options for your loved ones.

When looking for gift ideas, you are naturally looking for things that are unique, beautiful and attractive and glass chess sets provide exactly that. No matter what the occasion is, an aesthetically pleasing glass chess set can fit in as a gift - be it a wedding, birthday, anniversary or a graduation.

Whether you are looking to buy a gift for a kid or adult, player or non-player, the beauty of these glass sets is sure to impress everyone. If you are a chess lover yourself and want to introduce the game to your kid who is not really attracted by those old, sometimes-bland looking chess sets, a glass chess set might well be the answer. Similarly, for chess lovers and collectors, a beautiful glass chess set will be a great addition to their collection.

A great alternative to the vintage designs

The beauty of glass chess sets can add a flare to every game and gives you a different experience than your classic wooden or stone chess set. For professional chess players who like to go on for hours and hours of continuous sessions on a traditional chess set, a couple of casual games in between formal sessions on a glass chess set can provide a refreshing experience and get their brain muscle charged up for the next serious session.

On the other hand, for a casual player, a glass chess set can provide a great platform to start learning the game and playing on a regular basis. There is a misconception in certain chess forums that a glass chess set makes it impossible to play the game properly. While this may be true for some sets, a majority of glass chess sets are made with practicality in mind. Things like felted bottoms on the glass chess pieces provide effortless maneuverability while anti-scratch pads on boards provide the much-needed stability during a chess game.

A wide variety to choose from

There are so many options in the glass chess set market that you will be spoilt for choice every time you go looking for a new set.

There are different size options for the chess boards to choose from according to your space and storage availability. You could go a small 7.5" set with a king height of 1.8" or if you're looking for a larger one, a 14" set with a kind height of 3" might suit you better.

Similarly, there is the option to choose from a variety of colors and textures for pieces as well as the board. You can find chess pieces that are painted black/white for a distinct contrast designating each side oof play or choose a glass set that has a combination of frosted/clear pieces paired with a checkered board. Then there are chess sets that come with a combination of black/clear pieces and a matching clear glass board with black print.

Price and affordability

There are chess sets available in the market that start in the price range of above $1000. When it comes to glass chess sets, this is certainly not the case and you can get a decent looking one for as low as $10. It is true that quality and price go hand in hand but when your sole purpose is just to get something nice as a decorative item or if you are looking for a low to medium priced gift item for someone, glass sets are certainly the way to go.

As mentioned earlier, the level of beauty, attractiveness and perceived worth a glass set can provide, you are not going to get that with a wooden or stone chess set. A glass chess set will simply provide you the best bang for your buck.

The Best and Most Recommended Glass Chess Sets of 2020:

With so many glass chess set options to choose from, it can certainly get overwhelming to know which one suits your or your loved ones needs the best. In order to remove the confusion and save a lot of time that will be spent on searching and reading online reviews, read ahead to find out the most recommended glass chess sets of 2016 from our experts.

#1 Mirror Finish Crystal Glass Chess Set:

This crystal glass chess set with its uniquely sparkling reflection and distinct texture is truly a thing of beauty. The mirror finish of the chess board gives out the same sense of bliss that you will experience while playing a game with your friends or family. As a player, you will feel the enormous amount of effort that has gone behind each piece of this stunningly beautiful chess set in your every move.

Each piece of this glass chess set is carefully crafted with utmost perfection. When you hold a piece in your fingers and give it a twirl to view the entire 360-degree angle, you can see the level of detail and experience the utmost flawlessness of each piece.

The colors of the pieces are distinguished by dividing them into black and crystal clear to make for easier game play. This is to ensure that you do not face any hindrance in thinking your next move, which can be a common occurrence with glass chess sets due to the players not being able to tell apart friend and foe pieces.

The set comes with an 11.5" sized board with alternating frosted and clear squares and is perfect for a casual game in your living room with friends or a serious one in the comfort of your drawing room. The king has a comfortable 2" height and stands clear from the other pieces for instant recognition. The squares on the mirror board are 1 1/8" so as all the pieces have enough breathing space. Pieces set weight of this glass chess set is 16.4 Oz which is perfect for mobility and storage.

The packaging of this beautiful crystal glass chess set is a sight to behold in itself. Every chess piece is carefully placed in its appropriate order in a silk cloth, with a cardboard box holding all the items inside of it. The mirror board is placed with a separation so as to keep the pieces from bulging into it and causing a damage. The box comes with a microfiber cleaning cloth which you can use to clean off any dust or hand prints and keep the mirror and the pieces clean as a hound's tooth.

This exquisitely crafted crystal glass chess set can be bought as a gift for any occasion especially if it is someone close to your heart. You can buy this set for a loved one's wedding, anniversary, birthday or graduation or simply astonish them with a surprise gift of this elegant chess set.

So, don't wait any longer and get your hands on this beautiful mirror finish crystal chess set and take your game to a whole new level of indulgence and luxury. More Details: Mirror Finish Crystal Glass Chess Set at

#2 Black and Frosted Glass Chess Set With Mirror Board:

This mirror glass chess set with frosted and black chess pieces is another beauty that will lighten up your home or office while being completely practical for a casual or formal game of chess.

The mirror board is sized at 13.75" with tactfully placed alternating frosted and clear squares that are easily detectable. The king stands at a height of 2 7/8" while the overall weight of this glass chess set is 5.5 lbs. Four rubberized support pieces one on each side of the square board prevent it from any potential damage and provide the much-needed firmness.

The chess pieces are divided into designated black and clear that make them easy to follow for the players on each side. Each piece has a felt bottom that makes for easier maneuvering and prevents the mirror board from scratching.

All in all, this black and frosted glass chess set with mirror board is guaranteed to add a touch of class and elegance to your home or office and can also serve as an amazing gift for that someone special in your life. Aptly priced, beautifully designed, and carefully crafted - this stunningly built glass chess set is not one to be ignored. More Details: Black and Frosted Glass Chess Set With Mirror Board at

#3 Etched Glass Chess Set:

It is not very often that you come across a chess set which you simply can't get out of your mind even if you caught just a quick glance of it. This etched glass chess set with frosted and clear glass chessmen and glass chess board fits that criterion.

The strikingly attractive pieces of this glass chess set when placed on a mirror with alternating frosted and clear squares is a sight to behold. The level of detail in the workmanship of this glass chess set's pieces and the subtle contrast between the two sets of chessmen is what makes this etched glass chess set truly extraordinary and brings a touch of modern to the time-honored favorite board game.

The sheer beauty and the insanely affordable price of this glass chess set make it a perfect option for a display case or a gift for a loved one. At the same time, this etched glass chess set is equally capable of providing a functional setting for a game of chess be it casual or formal. Just place the set on a dark colored surface and starting making your moves.

The mirror board is 14" on each side and consists of alternating frosted and clear squares that allow easy gameplay. The king stands at 3" tall and all the chess pieces are lined with a felt bottom to prevent scratching and allow easier movement on the mirror board. The mirror board is protected on each side with a rubber padding for stability and protection.

More Details: Etched Glass Chess Set at

Final Word

If you have an eye for aesthetics and you or someone close to you has even the slightest level of interest in the game of chess, a glass chess set is something you should invest in sooner rather than later. With the plethora of choices with different sizes, materials, weights and price ranges, there is something for everyone. Just make sure to keep your specific needs in mind while buying a glass chess and you are all set for a delightful experience. Checkmate!

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