The Lord of the Rings Chess Set

Are You a Lord of the Rings fan? We'll Help You Choose and Buy the Perfect Chess Set.
This Stunning Lord of the Rings Chess Set Will Leave You Breathless!

For decades and multiple generations, the stories of the Lord of the Rings series have seized the imaginations of readers and moviegoers everywhere. When he penned these tales, J.R.R. Tolkien created a rich, vivid world that captivated and entranced his fans.

Frodo's quest to destroy the One Ring that was forged by Sauron ranges over three epic books. In those books, readers are taken along on amazing adventures. They meet the brave archer elf, Legolas, and the mysterious Lady Arwen of the Elves. They're introduced to the strong and heroic Aragorn, as well as the powerful wizard Gandalf. For those of us who have spent countless hours entranced by Tolkien's tales, these characters became our friends.

Of course, our brave heroes need antagonists with which to do battle-and Tolkien gives them plenty to keep them busy! Frodo first meets the conniving, gurgling Gollum in the darkness of a cave. The friends must do battle with orcs, goblins, and wargs, among others. Smaug the dragon threatens villages and lives as he jealously guards his treasure. All of this leads up to the ultimate battle with Sauron, the Dark Lord of Mordor and the maker of the One Ring. There is never a dull moment in the Lord of the Rings series.

Such a diverse cast of characters and epic storyline makes the perfect premise for the gorgeous Lord of the Rings chess set lovingly crafted by Studio Anne Carlton. Why spend time playing with boring old black knights and white pawns when you can have orcs and the Dark Lord himself facing off against Frodo, his buddy Sam Gamgee, Gandalf, and all the others? Add a whole new element of adventure and suspense as your chess game plays out in Middle Earth.

If you don't play chess that often, have no fear. You needn't be an avid chess player to buy a Lord of the Rings chess set. Even occasional chess players can appreciate and enjoy the craftsmanship and beauty of this stunning LOTR chess set.

Lord of the Rings Chess Set Pieces

To start, let's take a look at the pieces that make up this gorgeous chess set. Studio Anne Carlton takes lots of care in the creation of each and every piece, rendering them in intricate detail and vivid paintwork. Lots of thought went into the array of characters that are represented here. As you embark on each chess adventure, you'll be able to rely on the wisdom and magic of Gandalf, the quick-thinking wiles of Frodo, as well as the bravery of the warrior Aragon. Be careful, though, as they must do battle with a team of frightening villains such as the vicious Azog, the wizard-gone-bad, Saruman, and the ultimate evil-the Dark Lord Sauron.

Beautiful and Unbreakable

One of the big fears when purchasing such a beautiful chess set is that the pieces might get damaged or broken. Oftentimes, people are afraid to take their luxury chess sets out of their boxes. Even if they do remove them, many of these sets end up safely set up on a desk or tabletop because their owners are simply too afraid to play with them.

This Lord of the Rings chess set, however, is made for you to thoroughly enjoy. Gaze at it and enjoy its beauty and then get ready to play some serious chess. You see, Studio Anne Carlton knows that life happens when you're playing chess. Pieces get dropped. Children and pets play with pieces and treat them roughly. That's why each and every one of these Lord of the Ring chess set pieces are made of polyresin-a crushed stone and resin.

Why Polyresin?

Those who are unfamiliar with polyresin might ask why the pieces are made of this, rather than stone or wood. Polyresin is easily moldable when it's hot (which is why makers were able to achieve such stunning detail in the pieces of this set), but once it cools, it becomes virtually unbreakable. This means that you can relax and enjoy actually using your Lord of the Rings chess set, rather than simply setting it up as an object of art.

Polyresin also gives each piece a high-quality, heavy feel that mimics stone. It creates a beautiful gloss that looks beautiful when it's painted. In addition to all of this, chess pieces made of polyresin are much more affordable than their stone counterparts.

Breathtaking Detail

Each individual piece of this Lord of the Rings chess set is a hand painted masterpiece. Note the detailed painting of the beards and facial features of the dueling wizards Gandalf and Saruman. Wrinkles and folds in characters' cloaks are rendered in lifelike shadows. Armor and metal accents are painted in stunning, three-dimensional detail. In addition to all of this, each character is positioned on a beautiful, stone-textured base that is etched with mysterious, magical Elvish script to help guide you on your quest.

The king's height well, Gandalf's height in this set is 4.25 inches. His base diameter is 1.5 inches. These pieces won't fit in any generic chess set box. However, with the chess set, board, and box combination, you can choose and purchase an appropriate box to store away your "precious" (as Gollum would remind you) Lord of the Rings chess set pieces.

Two Beautiful Boxes

The standard wooden box is perfect for keeping your chess set dust-free or safely storing it to take it on the road to wow and play with friends and family. It's lined with green felt to cushion and protect all of the parts of your LOTR chess set. Two large compartments provide ample storage for your chess board and pieces. If (like Gollum), you are protective of your possessions, this box comes with an elegant gold lock and tasseled key to secure your chess set. For a chess set that's truly a masterpiece inside and out, opt for the upgraded large box. It has all of the standard features and is made out of gorgeous Red Burl wood.

Choose the Perfect Chess Board

Now that you have the entire cast of characters, you'll need the perfect chess board for your Middle Earth adventures to take place. Whether you choose a standard board or an upgraded superior board, you have a variety of beautiful, carefully-crafted options.

The standard board options are simply gorgeous and will set off your Lord of the Rings chess set beautifully. Your first two choices are boards made of Blackwood and Bird's Eye Maple. Framed in Blackwood (and with the dark board squares made of the same rich wood), these boards contrast the dark wood with a stunning, light-colored Bird's Eye Maple. Choose between a shiny gloss finish or a more matte, satin finish. Your third choice among the standard boards is made of Bird's Eye Maple and Greenwood. This board differs with the first two in that it features the light Bird's Eye Maple in the frame, as well as the lighter squares. The beautiful color of the Greenwood sets off the dark squares and really gives this board a vibrant, Middle Earth feel.

The superior boards are made of exotic woods, turning this set into an absolute treasure. Among your choices is a board that is framed in autumn-toned Elm Burl (which also makes up the dark squares on the field of play). The Elm Burl truly pops when it's contrasted with Bird's Eye Maple. For a more traditional woodgrain look in the frames and dark squares, you can opt for Striped Ebony or Rosewood (both combined with Maple). The former is a darker wood and the latter features rich, red tones.

All of the boards feature 2.5 inch squares. They are all backed with a beautiful, billiard cloth basepad material.

A Chess Set for Everyone

If you're an avid chess player and a fan of Lord of the Rings, this beautiful chess set is simply a must. Your regular old chess games will develop real story lines as you wage battles with the characters you've grown to love (and hate) from Tolkien's striking tales.

However, even if you're not a regular chess player, this set is a masterpiece that will be a beautiful and valuable addition to your Lord of the Rings collection. Visitors won't be able to keep from commenting on this unique and interesting set. If you collect books, action figures, and other LOTR memorabilia, a LOTR chess set will really set your collection apart. Don't simply put this set in a box and place it on a shelf, though! A chess set this beautiful is meant to be seen and enjoyed. Lay it out in your office or living room. Even when you're not playing, Gandalf, Frodo, and their friends stand ready to do battle with the dark forces of Middle Earth when and if you're ready. More Details: The Lord of the Rings Chess Set at

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