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Chess sets come in all types of varieties, from big ones to small ones to ones made entirely out of plastic. But, if you're someone who likes to play chess, you would be doing yourself a disservice if you don't buy a marble chess set. Trust us, once you're able to see and feel a stone chess set, from the marble chess pieces to the stone chess board, you'll never be able to go back to your old flimsy chess set. Here's why:

They Simply Look Fantastic

It should come as no surprise that stone chess sets, particularly marble chess sets, have been used for centuries as a type of decorative display. The fact that they are hand-carved means that you get a level of detail with them that can't be duplicated in a mass-produced chess set. Everything from the individual marble chess pieces to the actual marble chess board are made with care. You'll be able to feel the weight behind each chess piece, and their sturdiness only adds to their sense of quality. Plus, because no two stone chess sets are the same due to their hand-carved nature, they are even more valuable for collectors.

In short, you don't have to even be a regular chess player to have a marble chess set in your home as a decorative feature. It will certainly be a talking point when you have guests over. Think of it in the same way you would a sculpture or another work of art .

They Make Great Gifts

As mentioned, since each marble chess set is unique, they make great gifts for both chess lovers and non-chess lovers. Marble chess sets are ones that are based upon rich tradition and don't fall prey to having specific themes and other tactics that cheaper chess makers use to sell their products. A marble chess set will stand the test of time and will be as relevant in 50 years as it is today, not to mention very valuable if you're able to maintain it. These are chess sets that can be passed down to future generations.

There's a Surprising Amount of Variety to Choose From

Believe it or not, if you're interested in a stone chess set, marble chess sets actually have a myriad of options to choose from. In terms of the textures and the colors that are available, you'll be able to choose from: Traditional white, Black, Gray, Blood orange, Green, Brown, Coral stone, and Fossil stone.

Both your marble chess board and your individual marble chess pieces offer these different color and texture combinations based on your own preferences.

As you by now know, one of the selling points of a marble chess set is that they are hand-carved. This rustic feel will appeal to most, but if you desire something more modern, some companies now make marble chess sets, as well as regular stone chess boards and stone chess sets, that are entirely machine-made. These will be more regular in terms of the consistency of each of the marble chess pieces, but, of course, do not have the uniqueness of hand-carved ones and clearly have a mass-produced quality to them. The point is that you will have no shortage of options to choose from if you decide to buy a marble chess set.

Which Marble Stone Chess Set to Choose

If you're not sure about which marble stone chess set to choose from, you should consider the following: Whether you want the stone chess set for decoration purposes or to actually use it; The color scheme of your furniture / the surrounding environment; If you want a big stone chess board / marble chess board or a smaller one; Whether you want a marble stone chess set that costs more but will last for decades or if you want a cheaper version that will deteriorate far quicker.

Chess is a game of choice and a game of intellect. You should invest in a marble stone chess set that fits its surroundings and its intended use. There's certainly enough color schemes to choose from and you can be confident that any set that you order will be high in quality!

The Best Stone Marble Chess Sets of 2020:
#1 Classic Marina Stone & Black Marble Chess Set with 16 Inches Board by TheChessStore:

Sometimes a product doesn't need to reinvent the wheel to be a worthwhile purchase. This classic marine stone black marble chess set is just that. It's an amazing set for those looking for a traditional classic chess set and is a beauty to behold. Everything form its chess pieces, which are intricately carved to create a rustic Staunton appearance, to the Marina Stone used on the actual stone chess board screams quality.

The actual pattern itself on the stone chess board is very unique, as you'll notice the dark brown lines being blended in with the pink and white. Plus, the black marble stone chess pieces perfectly contrast with the Mariana's color, enhancing the appearance of the entire chess set. Since it's designed for mainly decorative purposes, the felt placed at the bottom of the chess board is a nice touch, ensuring that your furniture won't be scratched. What a great classic chess set that makes an even greater gift!
Material: Stone and Black Marble, King Height: 3.5 Inches, King Base: 1.25 Inches, Overall Board Size: 16 x 16 x 0.5 Inches, Square Size: 1.625 Inches. More Details: Classic Marina Stone & Black Marble Chess Set at

#2 Classic Coral Stone & Red Marble Chess Set with 3 Inches King by TheChessStore:

If you've never had a coral stone chess set before, you need to! This classic coral stone and red marble chess set is smaller than traditional stone chess sets and is great if you frequently play chess in different locations. But, it's also beautiful enough to be used as a decoration.

The chess pieces have a great rustic Staunton appearance to them and are each unique since they're hand-carved. Plus, with two different sets, in which one is made out of coral stone and the other out of red marble, they compliment each other well. You'll be able to see the differences in the minerals that makes them, and, as we said, coral stone is wonderful to look at, since you can actually see the sea shells and fossils within the actual stone. You'll also notice how the stone chess board is thick, which we thinks adds to the sturdiness of this stone chess set. This is one of the most unique and beautiful stone chess sets that we've ever seen and comes highly recommended. More Details: Classic Coral Stone & Red Marble Chess Set at

The Last Word

Stone chess sets, especially marble stone chess sets, are some of the most beautiful chess sets that money can buy. What we love about them is that they make fantastic gifts and are versatile enough to be used as a decoration to enhance the beauty of any room and to use for actual chess matches. In addition, there's a surprising amount of variation to choose from, both in terms of stones and colors. It's recommended that you choose the stone chess set that you want based on how you plan to use it. If it's decorative purposes, for example, you should consider the surroundings in order to choose the best color scheme. Once you see a stone chess set in person, trust us, you won't want to get any other kind!

Older Reviews of Stone Marble Chess Sets:

Coral Stone & White Onyx Staunton Chess Set with 16 Inch Board:

There's something magical about a marble chess set. It's the same game no matter what the pieces look like, whether you're using a marble chess board, a wooden one, or a cardboard one. However, there's something about the look of marble chess pieces that connects players to the history of the game. A stone chess set looks ancient and as you play, you can imagine how people throughout the centuries have sat - just as you are - gazing at their chess pieces and planning their next move.

Such is the energy behind this coral and onyx chess set. It looks as though it could be centuries old - and the fossils embedded in the coral stone of the chess board actually are centuries old. You could stare forever at the patterns and detail of the coral stone and never see all that lies within it. Because of this, no two of these Coral Stone & White Onyx Chess Sets are exactly alike: each one features differences in the colorations and kinds of fossilized treasures that are embedded within. You'll note that a lighter coral stone is used for the dark squares and frame of the chessboard, with a darker coral being used for the dark chess pieces.

Contrasting with the coral stone is the glowing white onyx that was used to create the light chessboard squares and the light chess pieces. Anyone who has ever played with an onyx chess set can tell you that this material is beautiful and refined while shining in an almost magical way. While many people may be familiar with black onyx, white onyx is predominantly one color of white, but if you look closely, you'll be able to see gentle swirls of an even lighter color accenting each chess piece and onyx playing square. The white onyx gives the pieces and chess squares a refined look that complements the natural swirls, shells, fossils, and designs hiding inside the coral very nicely. The look of this stone chess set could almost be described as cultured, careful, and civilized meets rough, wild, natural beauty.

One of the best parts of using a marble chess set is the weight of the pieces. When you pick up marble chess pieces, they feel different in your hand than pieces that are made of more lightweight materials. They feel heavier and more substantial, as though you are playing with individual works of art. And you are, to be truthful. This coral and onyx chess set is modeled after the German Staunton pattern. The pieces are all the traditional Staunton style that are used in chess tournaments everywhere. The knights, however, are in the German style, giving them a solid design and a rounded profile on the back of their manes.

The overall size of this chess board is 16 x 16 x .5 inches. The squares are 1.625 inches in size. The kings are 3.5 inches in heights, and their bases measure 1.25 inches. The manufacturers note that these are approximate sizes; because this board is handcrafted, there may be slight size differences between one board and another.

If you're in the market for a stone chess set but don't like a look that's too controlled and formal, the Coral Stone & White Onyx Staunton Chess Set is the perfect choice. It has a classic, high-class style that is also beautiful and fascinating due to its natural elements that make it 100% unique. More Details: Marble & Stone Chess Sets At

Classic White Onyx & Black Marble Chess Set with 16 Inches Board by TheChessStore:

You know those chess sets that you see on television, films, drawings, and animated shows? This classic white onyx black marble chess set fits that description. The checkered black and white pattern on it is tastefully presented, and each piece, you can tell, has been hand-crafted with care.

The black marble is an extremely deep black, and the white onyx also happens to be a solid white. This helps to distinguish the two colors even more, and the fact that there is some gray mottled patterns that makes an appearance in some parts of the black is a representation of the individuality of each set, despite seeming to be purely classic in appearance. This is one of the most popular chess sets available, and for good reason. And, like any great modern stone chess set, it has felt underneath so that you can place it on your furniture without having to worry. We recommend this set both for decorative and playing purposes, and we love its large size.
Material: White Onyx and Black Marble, King Height: 3.5 Inches, King Base: 1.25 Inches, Overall Board Size: 16 x 16 x 0.5 Inches, Square Size: 1.625 Inches. More Details: Marble & Stone Chess Sets At

Classic Multi-Green & White Onyx Chess Set with 12 Inches Board by TheChessStore:

Most people use marble stone chess sets for decorative purposes, but not every stone chess set should be just a fixture in your home. If you're someone who actively likes to play chess, then you should seriously consider this classic multi-green white onyx chess set. Its 12 inch board is perfect for carrying and makes setting up a chess game anywhere much easier, rather than being a chore.

Of course, a quality marble stone chess set needs to look the part as well, regardless of its size. And this one certainly does. The mixing of red marble throughout the multi-green onyx is a fusion that simply works, especially with the white onyx part of the chess board and the stone chess pieces. We recommend this chess set to compliment a larger one that you may have, since it's great to take with you on a trip, to the park, or even around your house, due to its perfect size. More Details: Marble & Stone Chess Sets At

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