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Metal Chess Sets Are the Perfect Choice for Those Looking for a Long-lasting and Visually-Stunning Chess Set.
When one thinks about chess sets, usually wood chess sets or stone chess sets are what comes to mind. That's because wood chess sets and stone chess sets have been around far longer and are considered to be much more traditional. While these types of chess sets are both great and have a lot to offer, especially for decorative purposes, there are other kinds of chess sets available. One that we particularly love are metal chess sets, which consist of both metal chess pieces and a metal chess board.

If you've never wanted to buy a metal chess set, we think that you should reconsider, as they have a lot to offer.

The Benefits of a Metal Chess Set - Durability

One of the main benefits of buying metal chess sets is that they are extremely durable. Traditional wood and stone chess sets are certainly beautiful to look at it, and also have a great feel, but unfortunately, they are not the most durable. Stone chess pieces, for example, especially hand-carved ones, are stunning, but if you happen to drop one of them by accident, there's a good chance that it'll crack or part of it will chip off. The same goes for wooden chess pieces, which are notoriously easy to be chipped.

You don't have to worry about that when it comes to metal chess pieces and a metal chess board. The metal will be able to handle falls much better, in general, than other types of chess pieces. This means that you can actively use them rather than being fearful of damaging them and keeping them as a decorative set instead. If you happen to play chess often, this is an even bigger benefit, since it'll mean that your metal chess set will last much longer. Of course, this doesn't mean that you can be extremely careless with your metal chess set and not experience any damage, but if you happen to drop a metal chess piece, chances are that it'll be more than fine.

The Benefits of a Metal Chess Set - Modernity

Tradition is great, and for some people, more traditional chess sets will better suit them. But metal chess sets are very modern in appearance and can still be combined with traditional elements. They don't come across as cheap like some plastic chess sets do, especially ones that flaunt flamboyant colors, but instead, comes across as sleek. Plus, there's many different colored finishes that are available on the metal chess pieces and the metal chess board, so you'll be able to find something that suits your own style.

The Benefits of a Metal Chess Set - Eye-Catching Qualities

Metal chess sets are eye-catching. Because they're not as commonplace as wood or stone chess sets, a metal chess set will definitely stand out. If you have guests over, it's sure to become a talking point when they see it. Not only do metal chess sets look great, especially when they're made right, but they'll also make you look great!

The Benefits of a Metal Chess Set - Portability

Metal chess sets are made in the same size varieties as the other types of chess sets, but the difference is that they're much more practical in terms of being transported. This goes back to their durability. Because they're metal, they can be transported much easier, without fear of damaging them. With wood and stone chess sets, especially with the pieces, you have to be very careful that they don't get damaged on the journey, which means taking extra time to pack them just right. Metal chess sets, on the other hand, are much better for a last minute "pick up and go" event.

The Benefits of a Metal Chess Set - Lots of Variety

Metal chess sets actually have a lot of variety in regards to options to choose from. Two of the main types of metal that you can choose from are pewter and brass.

Pewter Chess Sets

A pewter chess set is the most common one available, since pewter is the metal that happens to be used the most in metal chess sets. That's because pewter, as a metal, lends itself to easily being shaped and designed, as it is semi-malleable. As a result, pewter chess sets contain a significant amount of detail in their designs that other types of metal chess sets simply don't. An additional benefit of pewter is that it is a quite durable metal, meaning that your pewter chess set will last for a long time.

Because of the level of detail that pewter allows for, the vast majority of pewter metal chess sets feature various themes or particular designs, such as featuring the middle ages, dragons, the civil war, the revolutionary war, and so forth. You will have a lot of options to choose from.

Brass Chess Sets

Brass is the next most common metal chess set available. Brass is a more expensive metal in comparison to pewter, so these chess sets do cost more, but they're worth it! Most brass metal chess sets have designs that are Staunton-inspired and feature less detail than pewter chess sets but are much more shapely. Brass metal chess set pieces also tend to be taller and more slender in appearance, as well as heavier. They usually come in a combination of nickel and brass plated finishes.

Which Metal Chess to Buy?

When deciding which type of metal chess set to buy, there are some general things to consider, which are:
Do you prefer the level of detail of pewter chess sets or the shapes and designs that brass chess sets have to offer?
Do you want a purely metal chess set or do you want one in combination with wood or stone (such as a marble stone chess board)?
Do you play chess often, or do you want one for display purposes? If you play chess often, remember that metal chess sets last a long time and are very durable.

The Best and Most Recommended Metal Chess Boards of 2020:

The Best Metal Chess Board - Multi Color Brass Chess Board by Manopoulos:

This metal chess board, which is available in multiple sizes (Squares of 1.375, 1.75, and 2.125 Inches) and a myriad of colors (Green, Brown, Blue and Red), is one of the finest around and can be a compliment to your existing chess set pieces. What we like about this board in particular is that the variety of colors available means that you can find one that perfectly suits your chess set pieces, though there are matching chess set pieces available if you want.

Each of these metal chess boards have been created and imported from Greece and are created by the world-renowned chess company, Manopoulos. And the quality is apparent in every aspect of these brass metal chess boards. An added benefit is that they are sealed in lacquer, which means that they have a beautiful shine and luster to them in addition to being well-preserved. Another classy addition are the brass feet on each of the four corners, which steadily elevates the metal chess board.

More Details: Multi Color Brass Chess Board by Manopoulos at

The Best and Most Recommended Metal Chess Pieces of 2020:

#1 The Magnificent Chess Pieces, Imported from Italy:

If you already have a gorgeous luxury chess board, you're likely looking for a set of pieces that will complement your board and really set it off. We have the perfect set of metal chess pieces in mind.

For a review of this set, appropriately named The Magnificent Chess Pieces, it's almost enough to simply inform readers of their name, post a picture of it, and leave it at that. The name really does say it all-these metal chess pieces are absolutely magnificent. They'll look commanding set up across any chess board on which they're placed.

The Magnificent Chess Pieces are made of solid Brass and Wood. That would be impressive enough, but the manufacturers of this set upped the ante by dipping the brass parts of each piece in precious metals-coating them in 24-karat Gold and Silver. This means that the metal parts on this chess set absolutely gleam in a way that attracts the eye and captivates the senses.

As you look more closely at this set, you'll begin to notice something unusual about them. The stems on them are made of solid wood and they feature amazing metallic swirl patterns: a pewter-looking swirl on the silver pieces and a brownish-golden swirl on the gold pieces. The artisans who crafted this set achieved that look by carefully dipping the wooden parts in gold and silver paint.

The king size in this set is a large 5 inches, with the base measuring at 1 3/4 inches. The pieces are solid, well-made and heavy, with the set weighing a hefty 15 pounds. Whether you use these pieces with a gorgeous wooden board or a majestic stone-crafted chess board, it will look simply breathtaking and will perfectly complement any board you choose. More Details: The Magnificent Chess Pieces, Imported from Italy at

#2 Grande Classic Oriental Staunton Solid Brass Chess Pieces Set by Italfama:

These are some of the most eye-catching metal chess set pieces available. They're certainly deserving of the word "grande," as the Grande Classic Oriental Staunton Solid Brass Chess Set is one of the best reviewed metal chess sets around. This is a highly versatile chess set, as the pieces, being 3.875 inches high, are just the right height for playing in addition to being a display item.

Each set has been imported straight from Italy, having been created by the well-respected Italfama. We love the full solid brass and nickel plating on each piece, which is perfectly flawless from head to toe. And if this set happens to look familiar to you, there's a reason why! It was featured at the end of X-Men: The Last Stand. If it was good enough for the X-Men, you know it's good enough for most! A true standout metal chess set!
King Height: 3.875 Inches, King Base: 1.125 Inches, Material: Solid Brass & Nickel Plating, Weight: 10 lbs. This Chess Set Comes packaged in Italfama green and gold fancy cardboard box. More Details: Grande Classic Oriental Chess Pieces Set by Italfama at

#3 Modern Brass Chess Pieces Set by Italfama:

The Modern Brass Chess Set is a perfect collection for either your study, home office, living room, or work office. This set perfectly lends itself to being a showcase display set, especially given the fascinating designs on each one. Each of these brass metal chess sets have been imported from Italy and are created by Italfama, so you know you'll be receiving a quality product.

Each of the chess set pieces are also visually stunning with their solid brass and nickel plated steel finish. You'll notice that each individual piece also happens to be lathe-turned and machined from this brass and steel. It's a high-quality product through and through, and you'll love how riveting the designs are of each piece. If it's a display chess set that you're interested in, you can't go wrong with this one.
King Height: 2.5 Inches, King Base: 1 Inch, Material: Solid Brass & Nickel Plated Steel, Weight: 3.5 lbs. This Chess Set Comes packaged in Italfama green and gold fancy cardboard box. More Details: Modern Brass Chess Pieces Set by Italfama at

The Best and Most Recommended Metal Chess Sets of 2020:
#1 Italy 3 Inch Metal Chess Set on Leather Chest:

Crafted near Florence, Italy, by the Aldo Marsili family, this lovely Metal Chess Set on Leather Chest is unlike no other we've seen thus far. The Marsilis have been creating breathtaking chess sets for over three decades, creating beautiful pieces and boards out of a wide range of woods, metals, and stones. They make traditional chess sets, as well as themed sets; the imagination of the Marsilis knows no bounds. Their skill and eye for the unique really shows in this amazing set.

In Italy, the schacchi in metallo (or metal chess set) is valued just as much for its craftsmanship and beauty as it is for its use in playing this time-honored game. The pieces in this set are made from solid cast metal with felt-cushioned bases. Because they are made from metal, the pieces are sturdy and feel wonderful as you pick them up and play them across the board. They're beautifully-detailed, too, with intricate details in the brickwork of the rooks, delicate designwork on the queen, and intricately cast details of the manes and faces of the knights.

As if the beautiful metal pieces weren't enough, what really makes this set stand out from the rest is the fact that its chessboard sits just over a wonderful leather case. The outside of the case is a rich, warm leather that's detailed with light-colored stitching. Remove the board to reveal felt-covered, individual storage slots for the metal pieces, protecting them until the next time you play.

The chess board and leather chest measure 16 x 16 x 2 1/2 inches in size. The board squares are 1 3/4 inches. The king measures 3 inches high and 1 inch at the base. When you order a chess board made by the Marsili family, you order a handmade treasure that's created using generations of learned craftsmanship and expertise. This Metal Chess on Leather Chess Set will be an item of beauty that will bring you enjoyment and hours of fun for years to come. More Details: Italy 3 Inch Metal Chess Set on Leather Chest at

Older Reviews:
Abstract Knight Brass Chess Pieces Set by Italfama:

Imagine a fusion of the contemporary with a classic traditional Staunton style. That's what you'll get with the Abstract Knight Brass Chess Set by Italfama. This is a set made to be used for chess matches, rather than display, and you'll love how unique each abstract design is, especially with the brass and steel gold and silver plating enhancing it.

Maybe it's because of the flat and smooth surfaces that defines the abstract designs in this metal chess set, but each piece simply feels great to hold, which is why we love using this set for chess matches. It's a shining example, no pun intended, of the benefits that metal chess sets can offer, since it features such modernity while being classy and traditional at the same time!
King Height: 2.125 Inches, King Base: .75 Inch, Material: Brass & Steel, Weight: 6 lbs. This Chess Set Comes packaged in Italfama green and gold fancy cardboard box. More Details: Metal Chess Pieces For Sale At

Classic French Brass Chess Set with Macassar Chess Case by Italfama:

For those who are researching an entire luxury chess set that features metal chess pieces, this board will be a stunning addition to your home or office. All chess sets are fun to use for play; this one is entrancing and truly beautiful to see, as well. The Italfama Classic French Brass Chess Set is one of the more unique chess sets we've reviewed because of its hand-crafted board that is inlayed in a useful and elegant case that's perfect to store the metal pieces.

The chess board is made of Macassar (for the dark squares) and Maple (for the light squares), finished with a high-gloss that makes the entire board and case glisten with a glass-like appearance. Macassar, a type of ebony, is a particularly beautiful exotic wood due to the striking nature of its contrasting light and dark wood grains. In addition to being gorgeous, Macassar is a very strong and durable wood, which is why artisans chose it to craft the breathtaking and incredibly useful case in which the chessboard is inlayed.

The case features not one, but two drawers-one on each side-so that each player can safely store their pieces after the game is through. Each of the drawers features 16 separate compartments so that every piece can be stored individually. The storage compartments are lined with a luxurious beige velour that cushions and protects your chess pieces while they lay inside.

The creators of this metal chess set put a lot of thought and care into storage of the pieces, but to be truthful, you may never want to take the metal chess pieces off of the board. The pieces are crafted from solid brass, with the light pieces coated in nickel-plated cast zinc. This set was created in the traditional Staunton style, but they have a sleek profile and contemporary flair. Most of the larger pieces are elegantly slim in the middle, making them feel delicate, yet still heavy and substantial as you grasp them. The pawns are delightfully petite. You'll love the detail of the knights in this set, with their beautiful facial features, delightful ears, and gently-flowing manes. Each piece is padded on the bottom with luxurious felt to aid its journey across the board.

This is a substantial chess set in every way imaginable. The board itself is large, being set into the spacious Macassar case. It measures 18.75 x 18.75 x 3.25 inches. The squares on this board measure 2 inches. The storage compartments in each drawer are 4 x 1.7 x 1.7 inches for the large compartments and 3.5 x 1.7 x 1.7 inches for the small compartments.

The pieces in this metal chess set are large, as well, with the king measuring 3.375 inches high and 1.125 at the base. It comes in the classic green and gold fancy Italfama cardboard box. More Details: Metal Chess Sets For Sale

Renaissance Theme Chess Set Brass & Nickel Pieces by Manopoulos:

Straight from Greece and created by the highly-reputable Manopoulos, the Renaissance Theme Chess Set with Brass and Nickel Pieces features a chess board that comes in either red or blue. For renaissance lovers who also happen to love chess, this set is a no-brainer to buy. Each chess piece, which feature brass and nickel plated cast zinc that's lacquered to give it an amazing finish and to preserve it, is shaped into characters and designs from the middle ages. For example, the rook is shaped as a castle tower and the knight is shaped as a horse. It's an extremely unique chess set as a result.

The chess board itself comes in either blue or red multi-color enamel and is also lacquered. It's made out of solid brass and brass over wood. Both colors look amazing in person, and the best one to choose from is a matter of personal preference. An added bonus to this chess set, which we think is so thoughtful, is that it comes with a wood case that has a rustic charm that is also very renaissance-like. It's perfect for storing the chess pieces and chess board in if you want to take it anywhere with you. This is definitely one of the most innovative metal chess sets around!

More Details: Metal Chess Sets For Sale

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